Why do I mail my book to a Los Angeles address?
Our main headquarters is based in Los Angeles, although our judges are located in many places

Is the publication date really 2005 forward? 
Yes. We feel that the overcrowded publishing marketplace overlooks many fine works. Thus, our goal is to spotlight works that deserve another look without the artificial constraint of a specific year of publication

How do you manage to read all the books that are submitted?
We review entries on an ongoing basis, comparing earlier entries with later arrivals. Our judges are constantly arguing the merits of the works, and many last-minute submissions have won our past events.

I've never heard of this event. How do I know this is not a scam?
We have been in business since 1999 and produce many events around the world. Visit our festival sites for past contest winners and events.
I have a book that doesn't fit any of the recommended categories. Where should I put it?
We avoid having a category for every possibility. If you feel your book does not fit in one of our categories, please enter it as a “wild card,” which is designed for books that do not neatly fit into other areas.